Antique Treasure Hunting Begins in Scottsdale

Antique furniture, handicrafts and other collectibles are sought after by those who love history and culture. While these pieces may display some unique artistry that was in vogue during a certain time period, they are also valued for their history. Part of the thrill of the hunt for avid antique collectors is uncovering the background of a piece once it has been identified as a genuine antique that is over 100 years old or a vintage collectible that is at least 50 years of age. Antiques also provide inspiration to interior designers who want to borrow styles from the past to make their modern creations more interesting. Here are some of Scottsdale’s top antique shops.

#1 Tierra Del Lagarto

Tierra Del Lagarto offers big-game antique hunters collectibles that are displayed throughout its 12,000 square foot showroom. The store features pieces that are hand selected from exotic, far-away locales such as India, Morocco, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey. You will find a great selection of pottery, textiles and furniture at Tierra Del Lagarto, and each piece has a story. Just ask the shop’s helpful staff.

#2 Antique Emporium and Gallery

The Antique Emporium and Gallery specializes in antique and vintage clothing, jewelry, furniture and artwork. The store also has a fun collection of Western-themed memorabilia. It is a must-stop destination for those who are interested in authentic Native American jewelry.

#3 Vintage Joe’s Americana

If you’re looking for vintage accessories for your home or business, a trip to Vintage Joe’s Americana is in order. Besides its great selection, the store is designed to be a hang out for antique collectors, history buffs and those who just like to wax nostalgic while playing vintage board games in the shop’s open seating area.

#4 Antique Trove

Antique Trove has one of the largest collections of antique and vintage collectible furnishings in the Scottsdale area. Its showroom covers over 23,000 square feet, and the treasure trove contains jewelry, light fixtures, furniture, books and clocks from all over the world.

#5 Avery Lane

Avery Lane is a popular antique and consignment store in Scottsdale. The store offers a good mix of antique, vintage and new furniture and accessories. Let the store’s knowledgeable staff help you to find the right handicraft for your home’s décor or for gift giving.

Scottsdale is an excellent base of operations for those who want to extend their shopping trips to neighboring towns such as Paradise Valley, Phoenix and Glendale. Our city offers many of the same amenities as our neighbors but prices are significantly lower in many cases. At Best Western Plus Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites, we extend a warm invitation to professional and amateur antique collectors who come to our area in search of one-of-a-kind furnishings and treasures. We deliver exemplary service, comfortable lodgings and affordable prices on suites throughout the year. Call us today to find out about special rates on rooms for your next antique shopping trip in Scottsdale.

One thought on “Antique Treasure Hunting Begins in Scottsdale

  1. Shopping for antiques is truly a bit of treasure hunting. I love finding fabulous, unique pieces that can add the perfect touch. You never really know what you might find when you start hunting.

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