Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale is Your Next Great Adventure

Camelback Mountain in ScottsdalePhoto Credit  Aaron Nuffer

Do you long for an exciting and memorable outdoor adventure? Are you searching for new ways to enjoy nature? If your happy place is under an endless sky, lace up your hiking boots and head to Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale. This iconic, nature-made work of art breathes life into the Arizona horizon unlike any other mountain range. It also offers some of the greatest urban climbing in the country.

Hiking the Hump

Camelback Mountain has an elevation of approximately 2,700 feet, so reaching the summit pays off in monumental ways. If you’re up for the challenge, grab a water bottle, stretch your legs, take some deep breaths and get ready to experience the glory of a great hike. You may need to pinch yourself once you reach the peak; the views seem to float right out of a dream.

hiking Echo Canyon Trail

Photo Credit

The sandstone and granite mountain has two expert-level trails leading to the summit. Cholla Trail snakes through a rocky landscape and is 1.5 miles long. Expect lots of wow moments along the way. Echo Canyon Trail is a bit shorter, steeper and more intense, but the visual reward at the end is magical. You’ll think a wizard conjured the panoramic views of the cityscape.

Finding Zen on a Camel

If you shiver at the thought of springing across boulders like Spider-Man, you have two other trail options that are more relaxing. The Bobby’s Rock and Ramada Loop trails each offer an easier and more carefree journey. Bobby’s Rock is approximately .25 miles, and Ramada Loop is nearly half of that. You can take a leisurely stroll through these trails on your own or with a knowledgeable guide.


Photo Credit Robertbody

As you travel the alleys, be on the lookout for the fun gifts nature provides. Verdant plant life, brightly colored flowers and plenty of wild critters play peek-a-boo from all directions. Because these are more laid back pathways, you can pause to take pictures of the extraordinary scenery, pose for some selfies or just breathe in the silence and stillness around you.

sunset Camelback trail

Photo Credit Betsythedevine

Whether your goal is to conquer the camel, view a phenomenal vista or stop and smell the serenity, this humped wonder won’t disappoint. It’s the perfect destination for locals and tourists of all skill levels. What are you waiting for? Experience the rich textures, vibrant colors, breathtaking views and whacky silhouette of Camelback Mountain today.




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