These Workout Options Will Help You Beat the Summer Heat in Scottsdale

Summertime in the Sonoran Desert can be sweltering, which often results in lethargy and lack of motivation when it comes to working out. Fortunately, Scottsdale is loaded with fun fitness options that get the blood circulating without overheating the entire system. You have plenty of indoor and outdoor selections to choose from; it’s just a matter of customizing your routine to fit your personal needs.

Stay Flexible

If you just can’t face an intense workout in the summer, you can at least improve your flexibility and strength with yoga. Many indoor facilities offer a range of classes for novices and experts. Yoga is a great way to stay cool while fortifying your mental and physical health. It’s the perfect workout alternative when the couch and air conditioner seem extra appealing.

Yoga Scottsdale Anti-Gravity

Photo Credit: Anti-Gravity Yoga in Phoenix

Make a Splash

A cool lake or pool feels like paradise on a steamy day, and mixing water with exercise is ideal during the hot months. Most people know the full-body benefits of swimming, but this isn’t the only water sport that burns lots of calories. Water aerobics creates serious resistance for those lazy, hazy-day muscles, and paddle boarding on a lake provides beautifully motivational scenery for every workout.

swimming and surfing Children 2016

Photo Credit: Big Surf Waterpark

Climb to Your Goals

Rock climbing may not be your go-to fitness routine, but the health advantages are plentiful. Most of the air-conditioned climbing centers in the Scottsdale area provide instruction as well as equipment rental. Virtually anyone can participate in this popular sport, and it suits any skill level. You can easily climb your way to health without roasting in the desert sun.

Rock climbing Fitness in Scottsdale

Photo Credit: Emily Slick ‏@emilyyslickk

Mix Things Up

Alternating your workouts will refresh your drive. Indoor fitness centers are scattered throughout Scottsdale, so all you need to do is pick an appealing activity. Try a spin class one week, and participate in a kick boxing class the next. Mix in some Zumba lessons as well. Each of these exercises improves cardiovascular endurance, burns loads of calories and tones the muscles.

Zumba lessons

Photo Credit: PARTY FITNES

Embrace Nightfall

Nighttime exercise routines are just as beneficial and often more enjoyable than daytime ones. Try heading out on the trails for a sunset hike, joining an evening softball team or just taking a twilight walk around your neighborhood. No matter what time of day you decide to get moving, there is always a fun, healthy and refreshing option to make your summertime desert workouts truly enjoyable.

sunset hike arizona summer time

Photo Credit: “Just beyond the glow of the City lights of Phoenix”

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